Solar Project Finance

solar project financing allows businesses to generate solar electricity with little upfront capital investment. You benefit from the clean electricity generated from the solar. installation. After the loan period customer gets huge savings compared to RESCO Model.

Ecstasy Solar has strategically tied up with some National Level Financial Consultancy Firms for financing of your solar power rooftop system. They provides financing solution to our customer’s project on attractive rates and terms.

Benefits of Solar Project Financing

  1. Domestic & Small Project Finance from Nationalised Bank, so very competitive and attractive rate of interest.
  2. Large MW Scale Project Finance from Overseas Financial Institutes / Banks, JV & Equity Parnership 
  3. Initial Capital Investment as low as 30%  of the project cost.
  4. ZERO Processing Fee
Key Considerations
1) A thorough credit review required. As a result, choosing a loan may extend a project’s timeline relative to other financing options.
2) Whether you want to work with our preferred financial institution or you want to explore alternatives, Ecstasy Solar can help you with the project report and other formalities for approval of the loan.
3) Ecstasy Solar knows how to accurately forecast energy output, secure favorable terms and streamline the negotiation process to help you minimize your financial commitment while maximizing the return on your solar investment.

Interested in our Solar Project Financial Assistance Services?

You may leave your Contact Information and suitable time for discussion. Our Technical and Financial Experts will make detail analysis of your System requirement and Suggest Best Possible Finance Options.