Grid Tie Solar Power System

Features :

  • Affordable Price &
  • Best Efficient Grid Power System.
  • 10 Years Warranty, 25 Years System Life.
  • 30% Assured Subsidy.
  • On Call Free Maintenance Service.
  • 25 Years FREE Remote Monitoring Services.
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Specification of Grid Tie Solar Power System

Item Model Description
1 Solar Panel MonoCrystalline PERC Solar Panel/Module
2 Inverter Grid Tie Inverter
3 Solar Mounting System Customized G.I. Steel Structure as per Space/Location

  1. Pitched
  2. Metal Roof  OR Cement Roof
  3. Ground Mount OR Carport type
4 Boxes Junction Box, Combiner Box, ACDB, DCDB, Fuses, MCBs,  Surge Protectors and other required accessories
5 Cable & Wires Single-core 4 mm2 and 16 mm2 PV cable
6 Connector & Misc. As per System Size and Requirement MC 4 Connectors, Lugs, Sockets, Joints, Pipes, Screw, Nuts, Bolts, Ply Boards, Warning Signs and Indicators etc….
7 Earthing Kits 3 Sets of Earthing
One for  AC, one for DC and one for Structure
8 Arrestor 1 Set of Arrestor with Separate Earthing
9 Meter One Generation Meter & One Net Meter
  • All Over India Installation and Maintenance Services
  • Online All Government Liaisioning Assistance
  • Assured 30% Subsidy.