Mr. Mohekar has 4 decade of experience in various business and management.
He is Promoter Director of Niccau Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Shamlal Mohekar
Mr. Pathak is Electrical Engineer with more than 4 decade of experience in State Electricity Board as Executive Engineer.
He is promoter Director of Ecstasy Renewable Energy Pvt. Ltd.
Mr. Hemant Pathak
Mrs. S. Mohekar is Promoter Director of ; Ecstasy Technology And Network Pvt. Ltd.
Niccau Energy Solution Pvt. Ltd.
Mrs. Sarla Mohekar
Mr. K. Kale is Promoter Director of ;
Niccau Energy Solution Pvt. Ltd.
Mrs. Kranti Kale
Mrs. Shah is Promoter Director of;
Niccau Energy Solution Pvt. Ltd.
Ecstasy Technology And Network PVt. Ltd.
Niccau Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
Mrs. Manisha Shah


Mr. D. Nagare is mechanical engineer with more than 4 decade of experience in various manufacturing and EPC Projects.
Mr. D. Nagare
Director: Projects
Mr. M. Kale is active social activists and he has good relation and contact with Government Officials and Political Personals. He is Director for Government Projects - Rural
Mr. M. Kale
Director: Government Projects - Rural
Mr. N. Kulkarni is having more than 3 decade of experience in various role of management. He is expert in finance and advances.
Mr. Nitin Kulkarni
Director : Finance & Advances
Mrs. N. Kulkarni is Whole Time Director of Ecstasy Renewable Energy Pvt. Ltd.
Mrs. Neha Kulkarni
Director: Administration

Our Sales & Distributor Partners

Marketing Manager
State: Uttar Pradesh
Location: Lucknow
Mr. B Saluja
Marketing Manager
State: Maharashtra
Location: Nundarbar
Mr. V Gavit
Marketing Manager
State: Maharashtra
Location: Dhule
Mr. D Patil
Marketing Manager
State: Jharkhand
Location: Ranchi
Mr. S Pandey
State: J & K
Jamil Shaikh
Sri Nagar
State: Karnataka
Mohan S.G.
State: Aasam
R. Talukdar
State: Tamilnadu
Mr. Navin
State: Manipur
Mr. Rozer
State: Tamilnadu
Mr. Kebin
State: Puduchery
Mr. Vijay
State: Maharashtra
K P Enterprise
State: Bihar
Kanhaiya Kumar
State: West Bengal
Mr. Kishor
24 Paraganas

Group President & CEO

Ecstasy Solar is promoted by Mr. S.Kumar  together with experienced professional and experts technocrates with main aim to provide services in Renewable Power Sector.

Mr. S. Kumar is an Electrical Engineer with more than 3 decade of experience in various fields like manufacturing, Import & Export, Internation Trade and Finance, Engineering Construction, Turnkey Projects and Technical Advisory and Consultancy Services.

Started Business with Small Trading Company, he took the Group with diversified business activities like Import & Export, Manufacturing, Domestic & Internation Trade, Internation Finance for Import, Export, Projects & Trade, Information Technology, E Commerce & M Commerce, Internet News and Entertainment Media fields.

Today the Group has its registered office at Nashik-Maharashtra in India, and partner offices in multiple location throughout India and Overseas office at Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

Message From Desk of CEO

S. Kumar

Group President & CEO

Competition in the industry is expected, and is probably certain, to intensify in the upcoming time, as the business and market environment is centered around the concept of competitiveness, That is why we are convinced that a company without a strong competitive advantage will not be able to compete, let alone survive. To help respond effectively to this challenging market and business environment and to maintain a solid competitive edge into upcoming time, We are gradually implementing a variety of strategies. Drawing on expertise gained from experience.

Company is now concentrating on global sourcing and improving its competitive edge by using innovative technology, reducing costs by global market coverage and improving quality with cherished motto ‘Take an extra step and satisfy the customer