EPC Work Contract Of Power Project

  1. Ecstasy Solar is Group of Engineers and catering its services in the field of Power Sector since last 4 years.
  2. Successfully completed various types of Solar Power Projects.
  3. Successfully completed Sub Station Construction and OH Transmission Line Installation Works.
  4. Having Team of Experienced Engineers we are keen to offer best quality service and timely completion of Projects.
  5. We accept Complete Project from Concept to Commissioning OR Part Work Contract

O&M Services for Solar PV Power Projects

  1. Ecstasy Solar has a Team of Experienced Engineers to care the need of fast growing utility-scale PV Industries.
  2. To keep plant performance at par with the needed expectations as well as applicable regulations, need good Operation & Maintenance (O&M) services.
  3. Ecstasy Solar has the capabilities as well as experience in all aspects of Solar PV Power O&M.
  4. We also offer monitoring of hardware and services, based on the solar-log data logger platform.
  5. Our O&M Engineer(s) are always available almost for 99.9% time for Constant Monitoring

O & M Services Portfolio of Ecstasy Solar

Preventive Maintenance

  • Regular cleaning of solar panels
  • Frequent maintenance of thermal-based components
  • Yearly service of HT side equipment
  • Diagnostic testing for low power production
  • Circuit testing
  •  IV curve tracing
  • Thermal imaging
  • Earth value measurement
  • Retro commissioning
  • Data acquisition system check

O & M Services Portfolio of Ecstasy Solar

Uptime Management

  • Automatic string level visual alarms
  • Real time data collection
  • Monitoring energy production (daily basis)
  • Effective data interpretation
  • Mismatch characterization and Insitu-Banding
  • Solar Resource Management and Prediction
  • PV system monitoring systems
  • Trending and Analytics for continuous improvement
  • Critical and non-critical reactive repairs
  • Spare parts and inventory management

Interested in our EPC or O&M Services?

You may leave your Contact Information and suitable time for discussion. Our Technical and Financial Experts will make detail analysis of your System requirement and Suggest Best Possible Finance Options.