Open Access Captive Solar Power Project

Turnkey Project @ Just 3.80 Crore Per MW [Including Land and Connectivity]

Salient Features of Ecstasy Solar Power

  • Technically Backed up with German, USA and Chinese Business Partner Company
  • Timely Completion of Project
  • Lowest payback period : around 4-7 years, against life of 25 to 30 years
  • Our system is optimized and Low Maintenance
  • Provide Stable and reliable power
  • Quality modules with warranty of 25 years
  • True MPPT(Maximum Power Point Tracking) Controller
  • High efficiency inverters


  • Solar Module / Panel Warranty 25 years
  • Warranty for Inverter and Transformer: Replacement Warranty 2 years, and Repairing Warranty 3 years.
  • No warranty for Broken and Fire.
  • Performance/efficiency guarantee: 95% to 90% for First 10 years and 85% to 80% for next 15 years
  • Approximate kWh Generation in 1mWp System: 14,72,000 kWh to 17,00,000 kWh per Year with leverage of + 10%, Considering 100% Grid Availability
  • Maintenance and Training: First one year Maintenance free and during First year will give Free Training to your Technical Staff


Developing a PV Power project is a process involving many stages and requires a multi disciplinary team of experts. Here is summary of our work flow time line

  1. Pre-Stage I:
    • Study and Analysis of Requirement
    • Land Identification and Land Purchase/Leased
      • Connectivity Ready Plot in Solar Park in Dhule @ Rs 30 Lacs Per MW[Included in the Cost]
    • Study and Preparation of various reports by EREPL; like;
      • Solar resource / Required Area and Available area / Local climate / Topography / Land use / Local regulations / land use policy or zoning / Environmental designations / Geotechnical conditions and Geopolitical risks / Accessibility / Grid connection / Module soiling / Water availability
  1. Pre-Stage II:
    • Pre-Feasibility Study / Assessment of deferent technical options / Feasibility Study / Technical evaluation / Development of rough technical concept / Operational Cost (OPEX) Calculation
  1. Design
    • Basic Design / Layout, Tilt Angles and Shading / Design basis statements / Design specifications / Civil Works Design / Mounting Structures / Office Building / LV-MV and MV-HV Station as per project and requirement / Electrical Works Design / Overall single line diagrams / Medium voltage (MV) and low voltage (LV) switch gear line diagrams / Protection systems / Interconnection systems and design / Final Design and Engineering Drawings (all revisions) / Calculations and Sizing of Required Materials / Preparation of BOM and BOQ / Ordering of Materials and Scheduling of Delivery / Follow ups for Timely delivery of Materials / Testing and Approval of Materials
  1. Project
    • Auxiliary power requirements, Execution plans, Quality plans and Safety plans and reports / Land – Site Development / Temporary Construction / Temporary Fencing / Foundation & Mounting Frame Construction / Module Installation and Sub Station Construction
    • Control systems.
      • DC System
        • Arrays of PV modules / DC cabling (module, string and main cable) / DC connectors (plugs and sockets) / Junction boxes, combiner boxes / Disconnects, switches / Protection devices
      • AC System
        • AC Cabling / AC Switchgear / Sizing and Selection of Transformer / Plant Sub Station / Earthing and Surge Protection
      • GRID Connection
        • Limits on harmonic emission / Limits on voltage flicker / Limits on frequency variation / Reactive power export requirements / Voltage regulation / Fault level requirements / System protection
    • Electrical Works, Earthing and Lighting Protection
    • Testing and Commissioning & Grid Interconnection

Handover documentation (including as-built drawings, O&M manual and commissioning certificates).

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