Open Access Group Captive Solar Power Project

Build Own Operate & Transfer Model

  1. Investment will be made by Ecstasy Renewable Energy Private Limited
  2. Pay for 10 Years Only @ 10% Discounted Price
  3. Project Life: 25 Years from date of commissioning
  4. Security Deposit , Before Commissioning of the Project
    • Refundable Security Deposit of 10% of Project Cost.
    • 5% at time of Purchase Order &  5% after sanction of Grid Connectivity
  5. Commitment Guarantee After Commissioning of the Project
    • Bank Guarantee [equal to sum of amount  (average monthly) 3 month bill]  for regular monthly Bill payment assurance
    • Security deposit will be Refunded after receipt of Bank Guarantee.
    • If the Client get failed in paying the monthly bill on due date as per agreement, then the Refundable Deposit will be forfeited and all contracts and/or agreement get cancelled, and The Company will have right to recovered current or pending invoices from given bank guarantee/security deposit.
  6. Price Offer:
    • 10% Discount on existing DISCOM Tariff for 10 Years,
    • After 10 years, get ownership of Project @ ZERO Cost for Next 15 years.
  7. Client can opt the AMC with the Company with mutually agreed terms, OR can maintain the Project by its own.
  8. After Completion of Project Tenure client will return the ownership and leave up the premises and Compay will return the Refundable Desposit / Bank Guarantee after settling pending dues or bla… bla… if any;

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